9 U cross Foundation has collaborated with many organizations during its 35-year history, but this project marks the first time we have focused on supporting artists from a specific state. Thanks to the vision of Portland artist and Ucross trustee Tad Savinar, and the long- range thinking of The Ford Family Foundation, our creative ties to Oregon are now deep and strong. All of these 29 Oregon artists were selected for residencies at Ucross and Djerassi through a highly competitive review process. Each was willing to take the courageous step of leaving home for the company of strangers and an unfamiliar landscape. There is a real power that comes with distance from ordinary life — in the case of Ucross, around 1,000 miles. My guess is that by the time the artists arrived for their residencies, a creative transformation was already underway. As artist Pat Boas said, “Being outside of my normal habitat was very exhilarating and beneficial.” Eric Geschke commented, “Working in a new environment helped invigorate my practice.” An important element of the residency experience is a concept called entrainment, which I first read about in the book Free Play by the musician Stephen Nachmanovitch. “We can play together without even playing together,” he writes. “Artist colonies are often good places to work because even though the people around us are total strangers and are all doing their own private work, the silent rhythm of working together strengthens every- one’s work energy.” Every artist at Ucross and Djerassi knows that serious creative effort is taking place behind the other studio doors. It really is physiological — a felt awareness that raises the bar for all. Much of what happens during a residency is subtle, intangible, invisible — and frequently life-changing. Residents are guaranteed uninterrupted time to concentrate on their work. Even lunches arrive without disturbance, just a welcome thump outside a studio door. Each individual has a different response to place and solitude. But all of them remark upon the immense value a residency has for their artistic careers. This publication is intended to celebrate the participating artists, and to document some of their unique creative processes. Hopefully it conveys a little of their excitement and focus, their imagination and startling energy. It has been a privilege to work in partnership with The Ford Family Foundation and the Djerassi Resident Artists Program on behalf of Oregon artists — our own form of organizational entrainment. The project has inspired us all. As Lewis Hyde wrote in The Gift, a book about the place of creativity in a commercial world, “the gift must remain in motion.” That is a guiding principle for all of the participants in this effort. I am especially grateful to The Ford Family Foundation for its generosity, commitment, and willingness to experiment. It is an honor to have supported these Oregon artists on their creative journeys. Sharon Dynak President Ucross Foundation