familiar, much like our studios are familiar. The founders of Djerassi and Ucross clearly understood the value of their own powerful landscapes and sought to foster creativity by inviting artists to share their natural settings. From 2013–2016, through support from The Ford Family Foundation, twenty-nine artists from Oregon had the opportunity to create new work at Djerassi and Ucross. Obviously there can be a profound benefit to individual artists when they participate in a residency program. Artists have the potential to sharpen their conceptual focus and explore new paths for their work. And, they bring these evolutionary changes back to their local communities. In the best of circumstances their practice has improved; their improvements have the potential to strengthen the practices of their fellow artists and ultimately raise the bar to encourage more rigorous pursuits. The Western tradition of partnership runs to the core of The Ford Family Foundation, Djerassi and Ucross. The extraordinary vision of the founders, the unrelenting majesty of the landscape, and the drive, self-reliance and intelligence of the artists of Oregon have worked in concert to produce works that are now creative records of the time in which they lived. Tad Savinar has been a practicing visual artist since 1973. He first came to Ucross as a resident in 1997. He later served on its selection committee and is now a member of the Ucross Board of Trustees. In January 2017, the Hoffman Gallery at Lewis & Clark College in Portland presented y o u n i v e r s e — a one-man exhibition including work conceived during a sabbatical in Florence, Italy in 2014. He lives in Portland, Oregon. Working in Ucross print studio