15 It is the removal of ordinary life which leads to extraordinary thinking. My residency reminded me of the importance of placing myself in unfamiliar places in which to create my work. The benefits are many. After I left the residency and returned to my studio I found that I used my time in the studio with a similar urgency. I was able to begin a new direction in my work that I had never had the time to get to. One of the most powerful things in a residency are the relationships you discover with the other residents. These encounters with a diverse group of creative people representing a broad range of disciplines and geographic locations resulted in new ways of thinking about my work. The openness of the landscape encouraged me to work in a looser, more expressive manner. Each day wasn’t long enough and I found myself sleeping less and less as the place and my work became more present. There was one night when it started raining and thunderstorming while I was at the studio. I bicycled back to my bed with lightning lighting up the sky every few seconds. It was wild. I knew it was dangerous, but it was truly beautiful and strange. I think the residency has been pivotal. It has recalibrated my goals and the entire direction of my studio practice.