DAVID CORBETT David Corbett (Djerassi, 2013) has exhibited his work at Carl and Sloan Contemporary, Portland, OR; Fourteen30 Contemporary, Portland, OR; Half/Dozen, Portland, OR; Linfield College Gallery, McMinnville, OR; 65 GRAND, Chicago, IL; Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL; Contemporary Art Workshop, Chicago, IL; Archer Gallery, Clark College, Vancouver, WA; and Disjecta, Portland, OR. His work has also been seen in 20 x 200, New American Paintings, Portland Modern, Pierogi 2000 flatfiles, White Columns online registry and the Drawing Center’s online viewing program. He received an MFA from Rutgers University and a BA from San Francisco State University. www.65grand.com “I arrived with a clear goal — to refine the dense, organic structures in my sculptural work into simpler, regimented wall-based works. A new thread of interest emerged — drawing with ink on paper in conjunction with making the sculpture. My time in the Santa Cruz Mountains was hugely inspirational. I was extremely influenced by the trails, views, fog, forests, creek beds, fields, animals and art I encountered. While walking the grounds I worked out questions that my time in the studio had brought to the forefront. The people I met at Djerassi are what I cherish most about the program.” Above: Old Order, 2013, Paint and wood, 7’ x 6” x 1” Right: Dutch Landscape, 2013, Paint, ink and wood, 4’ x 5’ x 2”