ADAM KUBY Adam Kuby (Djerassi, 2016; Ucross, 2017) creates landscape-based, ecologi- cally responsive public art commissions and installations for the cities of Seattle, Portland, Vancouver (BC), Calgary, and others. His works are collabo- rations with the built and natural worlds and foster a sense of connectedness in our increasingly fractured environments. The works thrive on interactions with the world around them and enlist and incorporate the elements of time, change, decay, and erosion as part of their formal and conceptual existence. Kuby’s past experience in landscape architecture, urban forestry and zoo habitat design informs his current art practice. Kuby studied landscape architecture and ecology as an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, and received an MFA in sculpture from the University of North Carolina. “At Djerassi I started developing ideas for a new line of sculptural inquiry that are now going to be part of a public art commission in Portland… It was inspiring to connect with a younger generation of makers capturing this moment culturally, politically, artistically. The redwood landscape very much influenced the work I did there. The overall physical environment was a nurturing presence the whole time — the fog and trees and water and wind and hills. The project as a whole is creating connections between all three places — Oregon, California and Wyoming.” Above: Disintegration #2, 2015, Plastic, 9” x 10’ x 12’ Right: Breaker, 2013, Salvaged building stone, earth berm, plantings, 10’ x 65’ x 50’ – public commission (4Culture and City of Aberdeen, WA)