ROGER PEET Roger Peet (Ucross, 2015) is an artist, printmaker, muralist, installation artist, writer and puppeteer. Born in South Africa, and raised internationally, he came to the United States in 1988 and studied sociology at Oberlin College. His current work in graphic art addresses issues of extinction, biocultural diversity and environmental disaster with an emphasis on predator-prey relationships and representations of under-appreciated species. Recent exhibitions include Iron Tail Gallery in Lincoln, NE; Littman Gallery, PNCA, and Screaming Sky Gallery in Portland OR; Wing Luke Museum, Seattle, WA; Vakiopaine Gallery, Jyvaskyla, Finland; and BOXOProjects, New York, NY. Peet is a founding member of the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, a group of North American artists producing socially and environmentally engaged art, and is the board president of Flight 64 Print Studio in Portland. “I came with a desire to experiment and practice with familiar forms in a more ambitious format. The grasslands and the hillsides full of fossils and the nearby mountains all combined with my love of deep history to contribute to new imagery and vivid reimaginings of earlier drowned worlds. I walked for miles, explored caves, climbed mountains, descended watercourses — it was magic, and so fast, and smelled so good. Then I would return to the studio and carve long into the night, thinking about the wind in the grass.” Above: Parliament, 2015, 2-color screenprint with split-fountain, 25” x 19” Right: Niña Caida, 2015, 4-color multiblock linocut print, 6” x 4” Far right: Embargo, 2015, 4-color multiblock linocut print, 17” x 12”