PAULA REBSOM Paula Rebsom’s (Djerassi, 2013) art practice draws extensively from her upbringing close to nature and the wild. She is interested in the ways we navigate built vs. natural environment and in the presence of wild animals (including predatory ones) that live among us. A project-based artist, Rebsom makes singular bodies of work that take on multiple forms including sculptures, photos, videos and site-specific installations. Her work has been shown regionally at The Art Gym, Portland, OR; Umpqua Valley Art Center, Roseburg, OR; the Bush Gallery, Salem, OR; as well as nationally at RAID Projects, Los Angeles, CA; SOIL Gallery, Seattle, WA; and Galleries of Contemporary Arts, Colorado Springs, CO. Rebsom received an MFA from the University of Oregon, and a BA from Dickinson State University. “Djerassi allowed me the time I needed to explore a new direction in my work. By using small-scale props and new motion sensor cameras I was able to do more in less time. I had an image in mind of a large buck standing behind one of my circle cutout props, which would disguise the animal’s identity. Magically, I captured that image during the first week of the props being installed. Djerassi’s wildlife did not disappoint. My cameras captured deer, coyotes, rabbits, mice, owls, and one very large mountain lion!” Above: Undetected: 2013-08-26 / 2:55 AM / 56° F, Digital image, dimensions vary Right: Undetected: 2013-09-03 / 11:39 PM / 58° F, Digital image, dimensions vary