CARA TOMLINSON Cara Tomlinson (Ucross, 2013) focuses on the processes and materials of painting, exploring oil’s viscosity, strata, support and dimension. Her art engages in a dialog with the long and varied tradition of the modernist pictorial style exploring the tensions between simplicity and complexity, and the intersection between painting and sculpture. Her work has been exhibited regionally, nationally, and internationally, including in shows at Cornish Gallery, Seattle, WA; the Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY; and at Workplace Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium. Tomlinson has an MFA from the University of Oregon, and a BA from Bennington College. She has held teaching positions at many universities and colleges, including University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire, Carnegie Mellon, Syracuse University, University of Iowa, and Dartmouth College. She is currently an associate professor of art and head of painting at Lewis & Clark College. “I came to Ucross to explore and open up new directions in my work. My color palette changed, directly influenced by the intensity of light. My subject matter changed. I began a new series of paintings and drawings inspired by early Greek theories of vision. I began creating small sculptures from found materials, plaster and rags left over from the studio process that have developed into larger sculptures. I was surprised by how much work I accomplished in a short time, and by how little sleep I needed. The spaciousness left me breathless.” Above: eyetheror, 2015, Oil on linen, 38” x 40” Right: couldstill, 2015, Oil on wood, 24” x 24”