The Ucross Experiment: Cross-Pollination of Arts & Sciences Documentary Ali Grossman, UW Television The story of The Ucross Experiment is a tale of creativity, curiosity, and collaboration - along with vulnerability, confusion, and frustration.This is an inside look at what happened when four of UW’s leading scientists were matched with four of the university’s most celebrated artists. In that first residency, the pairs were given just one week to make something that would capture a deeply shared engagement with the setting of the Ucross Ranch. Their charge was not merely to take the facts of science and make them "pretty" through art. Rather, the challenge was to discover what each could learn from the other and to co-create an expression of their shared understanding. And to raise the stakes, their work was to be showcased in a University of Wyoming Saturday University program for the public. What emerged is a remarkable set of collaborations exemplifying the power of the humanities - of being fully human - at the intersection of art and science. To view the Ucross Cross-Pollination Experiment, go to: Every night, the Cross-Pollinators gathered to process the events of the day, engage in discussion, and receive challenges for the day ahead. Questions were posed and perspectives were revealed. We humans often fail to engage with those outside of our disciplines or beliefs. For the Cross-Pollinators, the transition from “I see the world through my discipline”to understanding and appreciating the ways in which others might view the same landscape happened though shared experience and discourse. Listening to one another was key. Snippets from the conversations can be heard when the viewer sits down at TheTable as Setting and puts on the headphones. Listen. Engage.The viewer is asked to respond by writing on each quoted placemat as they listen to the questions and the moments that brought us toward new ways of seeing. The Table as a Setting Ali Grossman Dining Table, Glass, Paper, CD Player, Headphones, Pens, Aged Pine, Poplar 2016 The Table as Setting Ali Grossman