The Power of Play: Cross Pollination of Art & Science Image by Ali Grossman In a sense, The Power of Play has transformed the Ucross Art Gallery into an experimental studio space – and invited the public to join actively in the experience. At first I thought of the exhibit as the culmination of three years of creative collaboration between these artists and scientists. But culmination is much too final a word for a project of such vitality and forward motion.We anticipate more exciting outcomes to emerge in the coming years. Ucross Foundation is grateful to all of the artists and scientists who came together to bring The Power of Play to fruition. A key component of creativity is generosity – and the generous spirit of the participants has shone through their efforts in every way.We are also thankful to the University of Wyoming, the Wyoming Humanities Council, the Wyoming Arts Council, and the Ucross Foundation Board of Trustees for their support and faith in this ambitious and risk-taking work. It is individuals, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions such as these that invigorate our world every day. There have been many highlights during the past several years of working with this extraordinary group of artists and scientists from the University of Wyoming. One of my favorite moments took place after a 2015 screening of the documentary The Ucross Experiment at the Mars Black Box at the WYO Theater in downtown Sheridan. (The film is now part of The Power of Play exhibition.) During the question and answer session, enthusiastic audience members offered suggestions about how this inspiring work might find a permanent place in the world. “I wish we could start projects like this in elementary school or high school, so that people could develop cross-disciplinary communication skills at a young age. Everyone could use more experience in working creatively and collaboratively with people of different mindsets.”What a changed world we might see! Ucross Foundation has served as a laboratory for creative individuals for thirty-five years. Through our residency program, individuals are awarded the gift of uninterrupted time, accommodations, and spacious studios in order to concentrate and experiment. Artists come to Ucross from all over the world in varying disciplines of the literary, visual and performing arts. The multidisciplinary nature of the experience is of huge value to them. Each evening, at a dining room table similar to the table in The Power of Play exhibition, painters sit next to poets, composers sit next to sculptors, dancers sit next to novelists.The creative ferment and friendships that result are life-changing. This project expanded that interplay,bringing scientists to the table – literally – with artists. Their cross-pollinated thinking is evident throughout the exhibition, as it also was in the live music and dance performance that took place at the opening. Sharon Dynak President, Ucross Foundation Supported in part by: BNSF Railway Foundation; Wyoming Humanities Council; Ucross Foundation; UW College of Arts and Sciences; UW Departments of Art & Art History, Creative Writing, Philosophy, Molecular Biology and Zoology; UW Biodiversity Institute; Wyoming Arts Council, through funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Wyoming State Legislature