Looping across the high prairie, the Powder River murmurs its way from the highlands of the Bighorn Mountains to the valley of the Yellowstone. Meandering past soft hills graced with grazing cattle, it is the iconic river of eastern Wyoming. The topography of the Powder River basin has evolved as part of a long geologic history that is full of dramatic events such as mountain building, erosion, and coal bed fires. Geologists usually tell the story of such events in rather dull prose. We have decided that the story would be much more memorable if it were told in an operatic mode! Looking at examples of Paralava formed from “Pyrometamorphic anatexis of pelites” and “Vesiculated lithic polymictic breccia,” also known as “clinker” (a colloquial term used to describe chunks of unburned rock in coal furnaces), the viewer is asked to see, touch, and hear the landscape around them. Rock Show Anne M. Guzzo & Ron Frost Rock Show Anne M. Guzzo & Ron Frost Poplar, Aged Pine, Clinker, Paralava 2016 Powder River Play Anne M. Guzzo & Ron Frost Poplar, Aged Pine, Glass, Plexi, Water, Clinker 2016