Christina Baal is an artist, birder and naturalist who earned a BA in Studio Art from Bard College in 2014. After graduation, Baal set off to fulfill her dream of seeing and drawing each of the 10,000 species of birds in the world. Her adventures have taken her across the country, from the rocky crags of Maine to the steamy swamps of Florida; to the deserts of New Mexico and the Pacific Ocean along Pacific Highway 1. Along the way, she has met hundreds of birds and countless people who share a fascination with the winged creatures that can defy geographic as well as cultural boundaries. Baal decided to pursue a career in environmental education to explore the relationship between art, science, people, and birds. She founded an online community gallery, “Drawing 10,000 Birds,” as a common space for people to share their emotional experiences with birds. She was an artist-in-residence at Ucross in 2015, and returned in 2016 to develop this exhibition. She hopes that one day, people all over the world will share their relationships with birds through art in an effort to protect these winged creatures and the entire natural world. She lives in Mamaroneck, New York. WWW.DRAWINGTENTHOUSANDBIRDS.COM I am reminded, over and over again, of the magic that is death and life in the natural world around me. A world that I am a part of, no matter how small a part I may play. Like the Flicker, the tracks I left through Ucross as I crisscrossed the landscape in search of birds are invisible, lost in the enor- mity of this place. But it is these moments of smallness, of consequence, that I seek to recall in these paintings that remember the moments when my life and the lives of birds became intertwined in a black cloud that danced across the horizon of Ucross.