Important bird areas Under the guidance of Audubon Rockies, Bighorn Audubon Society and Ucross Foundation formed a partnership to designate the Ucross Ranch of approximately 20,000 acres as an Important Bird Area or IBA. IBAs are part of a global conservation strategy that focuses attention on habitats and key bird species. Audubon is a leader in protecting these iconic places that birds depend upon. Currently there are 2,758 IBAs covering 417 million acres of public and private lands in the United States and there is a growing network of global IBAs around the world. Dr. Jackie Canterbury, President of the Bighorn Audubon Chapter, describes the power of such a designation for Ucross: “The IBA designation provides legitimacy to the notion that Ucross is an important place for birds. Audubon asked the following question: if Ucross were not here, would birds be affected? The answer was an astounding yes. There are many criteria and standards that have to be met in order to achieve IBA status, and Ucross meets and exceeds those standards. The IBA designation gives birds standing, a place at the table, in a changing world.” FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT OUR LOCAL AUDUBON CHAPTER VISIT: WWW.BIGHORNAUDUBON.COM ABOVE: Cathartes Aura (Turkey Vulture), 2016, watercolor and ink, 21x30” LEFT: Christina Baal, 2016, Ucross staff photo P5:The Fisherman (Belted Kingfisher), 2016, watercolor and ink, 18x24” P6: Dance of the Sandhill Cranes (Sandhill Cranes), 2015, watercolor and ink, 24x18” P7: Chance (American Bitterns), 2014, ink and gouache, 48x38” P8: The Alchemist (Turkey Vulture), 2016, watercolor and ink, 18x24” P9: The King Pirate (Bald Eagle), 2015, watercolor and ink, 28x60”