own blood, a pirate folding over on itself and its prey reminding us this predator is more than noble American symbol. The energy Baal derives from witnessing the miracle of birds and the energy those birds possess, is unleashed by her brush strokes. She brings her paint- ings to us, spreading the gospel of birds. And it turns out that birds, like the weather, are a universal subject for conversation. Who wouldn’t delight in sharing tales of the secretive life of the American Bittern or in the dark of night the Great Horned Owl, wings enormous, as it swoops, camouflaged by a Wyoming star-studded night. Susan Fox Rogers is a writer, teacher, editor, birder, rock climber and kayaker. She is the author of My Reach: A Hudson River Memoir, and has edited twelve collections that take readers to Alaska, the Antarctic and many beautiful places in between. Many of the anthologies celebrate women in the outdoors, often on solo adventures. She is currently at work on Taking Flight: A Birder’s Memoir, and an anthology, When Birds Are Near: Tales from American Birders. Rogers has an MFA in Creative Writing – Nonfiction from the University of Arizona, an MA in Literature from Columbia University, and a BA in Philosophy from Pennsylvania State University. She teaches writing and environmental studies at Bard College and lives in Tivoli, New York. 7