Lee Deigaard lives and works in New Orleans and in rural Georgia. Her studio practice engages wild animals and collaborates with animals who are friends and family. Her work explores animal protagonists and the emotional spaces and physical landscapes where humans and animals cohabitate. Her video installation and horse animation Steady Star was on view this summer at the New Orleans Museum of Art. Her series of nocturnal photographs of animals won the Clarence John Laughlin Award and was featured in solo shows at The Ogden Museum of Southern Art and at Arthur Roger Gallery. Her horse and landscape series Near and Far has been featured on Lenscratch and Feature Shoot. Central to her life and work is a twenty year friendship with a horse named Blue. Her long term multi-media project In Your Dreams [Horses] explores horse personality and individuality, sensory processing and proprioception, concepts of invitation, initiation, and trespass, and shared thresholds of experience between horse and human. Deigaard has participated in HARP. L E E D E I G A A R D .C O M 6 Fields of Gold, 2015, laminated archival pigment print on panel, 6”x 6”