Søssa Jørgensen is an artist and educator living in Norway. Through her broad engagement in the field of contemporary art, she has found two main bodies of interest: the social – developed through dialogue, manifested in radio programs, small scale architecture, events, and workshops, and the personal – expressed through drawings, photography, video, sound, and performance. In her work, these focuses live in symbiosis; each gives content and meaning to the other. They manifest in aesthetics that seek to understand and question man, nature and societies through ecological means. Jørgensen has been riding horses since the age of ten and has worked with horses in a variety of capacities and disciplines. She has participated in the Horse and Art Research Program twice, and graduated from the Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts in Norway. L A N D B R U K S S P O R S M A L .T U M B L R .C O M / 9 The sake of mounting: Christian V, 2018, Digital print, 9.5” x 6.75”