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Development Consultant Position Opens at Ucross

Ucross Foundation
Development Director Consultant

Development Director/Consultant
Ucross Foundation seeks to contract with an independent Development Director/Consultant to enhance existing development strategies, jumpstart new initiatives in building the national profile of the organization, raise funds to ensure financial sustainability, and help to implement specific items within the Five Year Strategy.* The position will be based off-site in a major urban area to be determined.

The Foundation 
Ucross is a 36 year-old artists’ residency program located on a 20,000-acre cattle ranch in Ucross, Wyoming (30 miles from Sheridan, Wyoming and 160 miles from Billings, Montana). The program hosts up to 10 residents at a time (in all disciplines including visual, writing, music and dance) providing lodging, studios and uninterrupted time to work. Approximately 100 artists are supported annually. Beyond numerous awards by alumni (Tonys, MacArthur Fellows, Pulitzers, Academy Awards, etc.) the Foundation has established national partnerships with the Sundance Institute, Pew Fellowships, PEN/Hemingway, Herb Alpert Foundation, and others.

Ucross at a Glance – Challenges and Opportunities

  • Remote and rural location (consultant need not live in the region)
  • Opportunities to create a donor stewardship initiative
  • Nationally dispersed board members
  • Research & development arts organization, not presenting institution; “gift of time and space”
  • Limited staff experience and/or time in fundraising

Criteria for Selection

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the unique challenges of this particular undertaking
  • Active in successful development, fundraising, and long term strategizing for no less than 7 years
  • Demonstrate extensive experience in raising funds (public and private) for cultural organizations and in building effective partnerships with key funders and donors
  • Reside in a major urban area in America. 
  • Demonstrate extraordinary networking skills
  • Basic understanding of marketing, public relations and other outreach strategies
  • Undergraduate degree at a minimum
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with board, staff and exisiting funders as well as future prospects
  • Excellent written, oral, presentation material development skills as well as being able to deliver presentations in a professional manner


  • Review all funding, giving histories and databases for the Foundation and develop new opportunities
  • Develop multi-year strategy and systems that support the work of staff and Board in their fundraising responsibilities and activities
  • Advise staff on grant writing; solicit funds, establish and implement short term and long term strategies
  • Organize and solicit funds with staff and board as needed 
  • Explore, identify and contact new funders including, but not limited to, foundations, corporations, families, individuals, legacy giving and public sources
  • Fulfill the aspirations or set in motion specific items within the Five Year Strategy* as identified
  • Establish new relationships (both financial and national presence) which the Foundation can build on long term
  • Assist staff with messaging strategies
  • Define metrics and measurements that quantify performance, monitor performance on a monthly basis 
  • Assist staff and the Board in the conceptualization of fundraising and promotional events, specifically working with the Foundation’s Fundraising Committee
  • Train existing staff in development means and methods as needed including gift entry and acknowledgment
  • Review ongoing marketing public relations and social media activities to ensure a consistency of brand and messaging


  • One 60 minute phone call with President every week
  • Attend 4 Board meetings (expenses paid) annually
  • Advise Board of resource trends and obstacles regarding fundraising and donor relations
  • Update a “forecast and projections” spreadsheet/matrix identifying aspirational and status notes, achieved/not achieved funding data
  • Report to Foundation President monthly through narrative summaries (maximum 2 pages, 12 point type) 

Anticipated Outcomes

  • $100,000 of new operating funds raised first year with sustained funding of $150,000 - $200,000 raised second year and third years ($50,000 - $150,000 new dollars over year one)
  • Staff begins to transition into a more active and leadership role (through training) in year two and three
  • Plan in place to develop Capital Reserve funding for upkeep of artist studios and bedrooms, art gallery, gardens, etc

Application to Include

  • Letter of interest that demonstrates an understanding of the Ucross mission and the Job Challenges as listed above 
  • Resume including education and past work experience limited to three pages
  • List of current (2017, 2018) contracts and their timelines
  • List of three references for completed projects 
  • Optional - visual representations of campaigns/materials that were designed by you 


  • Amount to be determined 
  • 1 year with an annual renewal at Foundation’s discretion 


Our Selection Process

  • Applications will be reviewed by representatives of the Ucross Staff and Board. Should there be questions about the specifics of your application, you will be contacted via email
  • Up to three applicants may be interviewed prior to the Ucross Foundation making a decision 
  • Interviewees may be asked to provide the Foundation prior to interview with a very broad outline of 60 day, 90 day, 6 month and year outline of work plan
  • The Ucross Foundation reserves the right to not select a contractor from this process

 *Five Year Plan strategies to implement include: the identification of new board member candidates, elevate the visual arts program, develop a legacy-giving program.