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February 18 Opening Set for Art Gallery Opening of Making Tracks, Photographs by Elizabeth Stone

A new exhibition, Making Tracks, will open at the Ucross Foundation Art Gallery on Saturday, February 18, 2012, featuring photography by Montana artist Elizabeth Stone. Stone, who was a Ucross Fellow in 2011, notes that "the work centers around the idea of making tracks, leaving marks, and what is left behind...I was drawn to prints in snow and grass. They became the simplest form of the story of the animal's existence, their life." Read on for more information on Elizabeth Stone.

Elizabeth Stone

Elizabeth Stone is a visual artist whose work explores impermanence and the cyclic nature of things. She combines her study of photography and drawing with digital technology. Before becoming a full time artist, Elizabeth earned a BS in Biology. The duality of art and science influences her work giving it a fascinating dimension. She frequently uses the natural world as a point of departure when considering her own place in the world and the marks she makes.

Elizabeth is also a strong advocate for animals. Some of her recent photographic work has concentrated on companion animal welfare and animals in captivity. To raise awareness and funds for homeless animals around the country, she created a collection of artist books called Small Lives with writers Rita Mae Brown, Sissy Spacek and Humane Society of the U.S. President Wayne Pacelle. (

Elizabeth spends her days and nights in the country outside of Missoula, Montana. Her husband tolerates her obsession with the family animals: three horses, two dogs and two cats. They live happily in a brown house in a meadow.

Elizabeth's photography has been exhibited at the Seattle Art Museum, the Newport Art Museum, the Museum of the Rockies and the Missoula Art Museum in Montana, as well as in galleries around the Western United States.

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