Apache Foundation

The Apache Foundation, founded by the Apache Corporation, a Houston-based independent energy company, is a nonprofit organization that seeks to leave the world a better place through scientific study, practical application of environmentally-sound principles of land use, planning, and tree planting as a method of carbon sequestration.  The Foundation leases and operates the 20,000-acre cattle ranch owned by the Ucross Foundation.

The Apache Foundation works throughout the world, particularly in areas in which the Apache Corporation operates.  In 2006, the Apache Foundation began the Tree Grant Program with a goal of supplying one million young trees to local communities.  The Foundation purchases native seedlings or young trees for projects that are then coordinated by counties, municipalities, schools, churches, parks or other nonprofits.  Since the launch of the program, Apache Foundation has given away over 415,000 trees.  The Foundation recently hosted faculty and students from Yale University's School of Forestry to discuss creating a computer model of the ranch that will include soil types and conditions, a census of the plant and animal species and an inventory of water resources.  This model will be an invaluable tool for habitat preservation, carbon sequestration, and will add value to the working cattle and sheep operations.