Hemingway/PEN Fellows In Ucross 1995 - Present

Charlotte Bacon, A Private State, Fall 1998, Fall 2004
Gabriel Brownstein, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Apt. 3W, Spring 2004
Lan Samantha Chang, Hunger, Fall 2000
Mark Chiusano, Marine Park, Fall 2015
Catherine Chung, Forgotten Country, Spring 2014
Diane Cook, Man V. Nature, Fall 2015
Carolyn Cooke, The Bostons, Spring 2003
Michael Dahlie, A Gentleman's Guide to Graceful Living, Fall 2009
Karim Dimechkie, Lifted by the Great Nothing, Fall 2016
Doug Dorst, Alive in Necropolis, Spring 2010
Laurie Lynn Drummond, Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You, Spring 2007
Danielle Evans, Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self, Fall 2011
Joshua Ferris, Then We Came to the End, Fall 2008
Ben Fountain, Brief Encounters with Che Guevara, Fall 2009
Kim Fu, For Today I am a Boy, Spring 2016
Elizabeth Gilbert, Pilgrims, Fall 2000, Fall 2004
Jim Grimsley, Winter Birds, Fall 1995
Ha Jin, Ocean of Words, Fall 1997
Jennifer Haigh, Mrs. Kimble, Spring 2005
Arna Bontemps Hemenway, Elegy on Kinderklavier, Spring 2016
Laura Hendrie, Stygo, Fall 1995, Spring 2000
Ravi Howard, Like Trees, Walking, Fall 2008
Marjorie Hudson, Accidental Birds of the Carolinas, Fall 2012
Christopher Jansma, The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards, Fall 2015
Murad Kalam, Night Journey, Fall 2006
Mary Beth Keane, The Walking People, Fall 2010
Suki Kim, The Interpreter, Spring 2005
Michael Knight, Dogfight and Other Stories, Fall 2000
Anne Landsman, The Devil’s Chimney, Spring 2003
Steve Lattimore, Circumnavigation, Fall 2008
Rosina Lippi, Homestead, Fall 2000
Josip Novakovich, Yolk, Fall 1996
Sigrid Nunez, A Feather on the Breath of God, Fall 1997, Fall 2006
Karen Olsson, Waterloo, Spring 2007
Peter Orner, Esther Stories, Fall 2004
ZZ Packer, Drinking Coffee Elsewhere, Fall 2004
Ed Park, Personal Days, Fall 2009
Brigid Pasulka, A Long, Long Time Ago and Essentially True, Fall 2010
Lydia Peelle, Reasons for and Advantages of Breathing, Fall 2010
Suzanne Rivecca, Death is Not an Option, Fall 2011
Ethan Rutherford, The Peripatetic Coffin and Other Stories, Fall 2016
Gary Schanbacher, Migration Patterns, Fall 2008
Elissa Schappell, Use Me, Fall 2002
Julie Schumacher, The Body of Water, Fall 2015
Margot Singer, The Pale of Settlement, Fall 2011
Brando Skyhorse, The Madonnas of Echo Park, Spring 2012
Manil Suri, The Death of Vishnu, Fall 2003
Jonathan Tel, Arafat’s Elephant, Spring 2004
Hannah Tinti, Animal Crackers, Spring 2006
Douglas Trevor, The Thin Tear in the Fabric of Space, Spring 2007
Ellen Ullman, The Bug, Fall 2004
Amy Waldman, The Submission, Fall 2012
Anthony Wallace, The Old Priest, Spring 2014
Peter Wheelwright, As It Is On Earth, Fall 2013
Colson Whitehead, The Intuitionist, Fall 2001
Julia Whitty, A Tortoise for the Queen of Tonga, Spring 2010
Rafi Zabor, The Bear Comes Home, Fall 1998