Residency Program


Resident Reflections

"I did not expect to be so inspired by the landscape here.  This is an extraordinary place and an amazing environment.  Thanks to all of you for your amazing support and kindness."
                    –Lane Barden, photographer

"While I was at Ucross a bald eagle flew by my studio.  I ran in the clinker hills and startled antelope.  Every artist needs time and solitude and community but we also need to reconnect with nature – if not for our art specifically, for ourselves."
                   –Otis Haschmeyer, writer

"Ucross in winter is a benign vacuum.  Creativity loves vacuums.  Bald eagles, mink, pheasants, hawks, antelope, horned owls, and deer do too.  There was great respect shown for the private intensity of each artist's focus.  Thank you."
                    –David James Duncan, writer

"Ucross combines the quiet support of a warm and thoughtful human community and a spacious and peaceful landscape." 
                    Jean Valentine, poet

"I needed Ucross before I knew anything about it.  I missed Ucross before I even left.  Never have I been so inspired, so motivated – as both an actor and a human being – than during my time at Ucross."               
                    –Baize Buzan, No Fog West

"It is a great honor to be awarded and recognized with the opportunity to work in a community of serious artists.  I have been entirely inspired by this experience.  I will cherish the friends I have made here and continue to benefit from the time and space I encountered at Ucross."
                    –Letitia Quesenberry, painter

"Ucross offers the ideal balance of reverence for the work to be done and evenings filled with brilliant interactions among new friends."
                    –Jean Blackburn, painter

"Ucross is special because of the physical landscape one is immersed in.  Ucross is singular because of the creative landscape one sinks into."
                   –Jane Deschner, visual artist

"The highest level of respect and support given by everyone here has left me feeling totally blessed to have experienced this wonderful Ucross community.  There is nothing like it.  A wonderful experience!"  
                  –Cecilia Condit, filmmaker

"In the shadow of the Bighorns a new world opened up for me.  I am grateful to the stewards of Ucross for their vision, hard work and respect for the arts."
                  –Sara Shoemaker Lind, photographer