Support Ucross

The Ucross Foundation depends on public interest, generosity and support in order to continue the services we provide to artists, writers and composers, and to the public through the Art Gallery and other associated public activities. 

Gifts of any amount are welcome, including gifts of stock and in-kind gifts that enhance our facilities and services.  We are grateful to the many supporters who have given of their time, expertise and resources. 

To give online through Paypal, please click the Donate button at right. Contributions may be mailed to:  Ucross Foundation, 30 Big Red Lane, Clearmont, WY  82835

Please contact Sharon Dynak via email or (307) 737-2291 if you have any questions regarding contributions.

Donor List January 2016 - January 2017

Milky Way  7,500 or Over Ucross Friend  Up to $99

Alkire Family Foundation
Carolyn Eason
The Ford Family Foundation
Mary Elbogen Garland
Mark and Jennie Gordon
Tad and Ann Herz, in honor of Raymond Plank
Ken Moffet, Hourglass Capital
Joe McNay, New England Foundation
Jim Nelson
Raymond Plank
University of Wyoming
Merrill Wagner Ryman
Whiting Foundation

Diana Abu-Jaber*
Phoebe Adams*
Martirene Alcantara*
Elizabeth L. Alderman*
Judith Amdur*
Howard Axelrod*
Jean Buescher Bartlett*
Naomi Benaron*
Melanie Bishop*
Beth Blatt*
Nell Boeschenstein*
Jennilie Brewster*
Lily Brown*
Stacey Brown*
Arminee Chahbazian*
Alan Chan*
Christine Clark*
Andrea Clearfield*
Sarah Conover*
Gayle Conrady, in honor of Larry Conrady
Diane Cook*
Sandra Dal Poggetto*
Margaret Deihl*
Susan Daykin*
Susan Delson*
Jamie Diamond*
Cissy Dillon
Cai Emmons*
Nancy Ennis*
Eve Fairbanks*
Janet Feder*
Ken Field*
Charles Fishman*
Barbara Foster*
Martin Garhart*
Greta Gertler*
Marsha Goldberg*
William Goldstein*
Hilary and Ralph Goodwin Foundation
Vincent Granata*
Julie Gross*
Laura Guese*
Jean Gumpper*
Howard Hersh*
Amanda Jacobs*
Christopher Jentsch*
Susan Karwoska*
Jennifer Kelly*
Amanda Knowles*
Adam Kuby*
Glen Kurtz*
Inge Kutchins
Spencer Baer Lederman*
Tania Leon*
Edan Lepucki*
Lisa Lerner*
Serge J-F Levy
Joan Linder*
Mimi Lipson*
Nancy Lovendahl*
Gillian Malone
Mary Jo Maute*
Leah Ollman*
Erica Olsen*
Karen Olsson*
Jane Orleman*
Amy Peterson*
Steven Petrow*
Emily Phelps*
Yvonne Puffer*
Barbara Ras*
joshua Reiman*
Scott Rosenberg*
Andrew Rudin*
Gregory Sale*
Mike Scalise*
Louise Steinman*
Toru Sugita*
Pamela Talese*
Joseph Thalken*
Seymour Thickman, MD
Gregor Turk*
Robert Tynes* and Bette Bates*
Paul Villinski*
GC Waldrep*
Roger and Mary Lou Wangen
Deanna Wehrspann*
Jim Weis
Peter Wheelwright*
Susan Wick*
Anne Young*
Philip Zimmermann*

High Plains 5,000 - 7,499

BNSF Railway Foundation
Jesse and Cathy Marion
Norman Mailer Center
Forrest E. Mars, Jr.
PEW Fellowship for the Arts
Wyoming Arts Council

Pratt and Ferris  2,500 - 4,999

Connie Lehman*
Gunnar Plake*
Roger and Connie Plank
Yale University

Big Red  500 - 2,499

Neuberger Berman, LLC
Ted and Judie Blair
John Catterall*
Neil Crain
Sharon Dynak
Dr. Randy and Terry Ferlic
William Finn*
Bill Gilbert*
Elizabeth Gilbert*
Michael and Francesca Hammer
Charlie and Ann Hart
Lisa Hatchadoorian
Michael Huvane and Eleanor Hartgerink
Jon and Marilyn Jeppesen
Steve Jimenez*
Charles and Emily Kelley
Zurab and Elizabeth Kobiashvili
Josh Kun*
Longwell Family Foundation
Gordon McConnell*, in honor of Elizabeth Guheen
Patty Ortiz*
Ann Patchett*
Lollie Benz Plank
Susan Richman
Ed and Ruthie Salvatore
Tad Savinar*
Elizabeth Sidamon-Eristoff*
Brien and Anne Smith
Robert and Cynthia Stetson Foundation
Michael and Lisa Stewart
Judith Taylor*
The Tucker Foundation
Dick and Sue Vogel

Triple Creek $100 - $499  

Patricia Aaron*
Jenessa Abrams*
Margot Balboni*
Adele Barker*
Edward Barnes*
Cynthia Baughman*
Eve Beglarian*
Jeff Blumenkrantz*
Teresa Booth Brown*
Christine Bourdette*
Chris Boyer*
David Bungay*
Scot Cahlander*
Kim and Susie Cannon
Ron Carlson*
Ke-Chia Chen*
Ross Christy*
Anne Connell*
Leonard Couch and Marion Black
Gregory Curtis*
Christopher and Carol Dalu
Steven Dubin*
Robert and Cynthia Dye
Richard Einhorn*
Amy Ellingson*
Jean Fineberg*
Julia Fish*
Shane Fontayne*
Ben Fountain*
Ron Frost*
Mary Ellen Geist*
Frank Goodyear*
Ricky Ian Gordon*
Renate Gokl*
Gina Guy
David Hanson
Sharon Harper*
Ric Haynes*
Jerry Herron*
Cheryl Hochberg*
Mimi Holmes*
Kathryn Hunt*
Mame Hunt*
Hillary Jordan* 
Tatana Kellner*
Patrick Kikut*
Brian and Ada Kirven
John Kocur
Dave Krieger*
Mike Latham
Thomas Lawson*
Bryan Leister*
Heidi Lender*
Andrew John Liccardo*
Jeff* and Nancy Lockwood
Douglas Loewen*
Kim and Mary Kay Love
Jean Lowe*
Rosa Lowinger*
Patricia Manigault
Deidra McAfee*
Gary and Marsha McCoy
Sarah McKenzie*
Peter and Nancy Mickelsen
Jerry Montieth*
Ian Mount*
Andrew Neuman*
Michael Nixon*
Camille Norton*
Sigrid Nunez*
Mollie O'Brien* and Rich Moore*
Micah and Leslie Olsen
Doug and Sheila O'Neil
Frank* and Francine* Ozereko
Nell Painter*
Ken Paul*
Joan Paul
Kate Petley*
Julie Prazich*
Robert Prusak
Juanita Rockwell*
Susan Fox Rogers*
Chandler Romeo*
David Romtvedt*
Carmella Saraceno* and Roger Machin*
Gary Schanbacher*
Julie Schumacher*
Kate Schutt*
Carol Schwennesen*
Phyllis Shafer*
Elizabeth Sidamon-Eristoff*
Nancy Silvia*
Karen Skolfield*
Andrew Solomon* and John Habich
Alyson Hagy* and Bob Southard
Al Souza*
Howard Spector*
Joni Sternbach*
Elizabeth Stone*
Julia Stoops*
Ilene Sunshine*
Manil Suri*
William Sutton*
Eileen Tabios*
Nancy Takacs*
Elise Thoron*
Shellburne Thurber*
Douglas Trevor*
Josette Urso*
Tim VanLaar* and Mary Ellen Geist*
Sandy Walker* and Ellen Webb*
Annie Weisman-Macomber*
Eric Wilhelm
Bill Will*
Sarah Williams*
Shawn Wong* and Erin Malone
Doug Wright*



* Former Resident