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Thank you to Ucross Artist Donors

Patricia Aaron
Jenessa Abrams
Diane Abu-Jaber
Phoebe Adams
Martirene Alcantara
Elizabeth L. Alderson
Judith Amdur
Howard Axelrod
Margot Balboni
Adele Barker
Edward Barnes
Jean Buescher Bartlett
Cynthia Baughman
Naomi Benaron
Eve Beglarian
Melanie Bishop
Beth Blatt
Jeff Blumenkrantz
Christine Bourdette
Chris Boyer
Jennilie Brewster
Lily Brown
Stacey Brown
Teresa Booth Brown
David Bungay
Scot Cahlander
Ron Carlson
John Catterall
Arminee Chahbazian
Ke-Chia Chen
Ross Christy
Christine Clark
Anne Connell
Sarah Conover
Diane Cook
Gregory Curtis
Sandra Dal Poggetto
Susan Daykin
Susan Delson
Jamie Diamond
Margaret Diehl
Steven Dubin
Richard Einhorn
Amy Ellingson
Cai Emmons
Nancy Ennis
Eve Fairbanks
Janet Feder
Ken Field
Jean Fineberg
William Finn
Charles Fishman
Barbara Foster
Ben Fountain
Robert Freedman
Martin Garhart
Mary Ellen Geist
Greta Gertler
Elizabeth Gilbert
Marsha Goldberg
William Goldstein
Frank Goodyear
Ricky Ian Gordon
Renate Gokl
Vincent Granta
Julie Gross
Laura Guese
Jean Gumpper
Alyson Hagy
Sharon Harper
Ric Haynes
Jerry Herron
Howard Hersh
Cheryl Hochberg
Mimi Holmes
Kathryn Hunt
Mame Hunt
Amanda Jacobs
Steve Jimenez
Hillary Jordan
Teresa Jordan
Susan Karwoska
Tatana Kellner
Jennifer Kelly
Patrick Kikut
Amanda Knowles
Dave Krieger
Adam Kuby
Josh Kun
Glenn Kurtz
Thomas Lawson
S. Baer Lederman
Connie Lehman
Bryan Leister
Heidi Lender
Tania Leon
Edan Lepucki
Lisa Lerner
Serge J-F Levy
Andrew Liccardo
Joan Linder
Mimi Lipson


Jeff Lockwood
Jean Lowe
Rosa Lowinger
Roger Machin
Annie Weisman Macomber
John Mahoney
Mary Jo Maute
Jerry Monteith
Deirdre McAfee
Gordon McConnell
Sarah McKenzie
Rich Moore
Ian Mount
Andrew Neuman
Michael Nixon
Camille Norton
Sigrid Nunez
Mollie O'Brien
Erica Olsen
Karen Olsson
Leah Ollman
Jane Orleman
Daniel Orozco
Patty Ortiz
Francine Ozereko
Frank Ozereko
Nell Painter
Ann Patchett
Ken Paul
Joan Perlman
Amy Peterson
Kate Petley
Steven Petrow
Emy Phelps
Gunnar Plake
Julie Prazich
Yvonne Puffer
Barbara Ras
Joshua Reiman
Juanita Rockwell
Susan Fox Rogers
Chandler Romeo
David Romtvedt
Scott Rosenberg
Andrew Rudin
Merrill Wagner Ryman
Gregory Sale
Carmello Saraceno
Mike Scalise
Gary Schanbacher
Julie Schumacher
Kate Schutt
Carol Schwennesen
Phyllis Shafer
Nancy Silva
Karen Skolfield
Andrew Solomon
Howard Spector
Al Souza
Louise Steinman
Elizabeth Stone
Julia Stoops
Bob Southard
Toru Sugita
Ilene Sunshine
Manil Suri
William Sutton
Eileen Tabios
Nancy Takacs
Pamela Talese
Judith Taylor
Joseph Thalken
Elise Thoron
Shellburne Thurber
Douglas Trevor
Gregor Turk
Robert Tynes
Josette Urso
Tim VanLaar
Paul Villinski
GC Waldrep
Sandy Walker
Gwen Walstrand
Ellen Webb
Peter Wheelwright
Sarah Williams
Shawn Wong
Doug Wright
Philip Zimmerman 


The Ucross School House – From the Past to the Future

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One hundred years ago, a small wooden school house was moved to the town of Ucross, Wyoming from a neighboring ranch. Built in 1914, the Ucross School served students in this deeply rural region until 1968. When the Ucross Foundation was established by Raymond Plank in 1981, the School House became the first building to house artists-in- residence in what has now become an internationally renowned program. Ucross Fellows often tell us about memorable moments in the School House during residencies. Artist Howard Hersch recently reflected: "Elegant beautiful meals, enjoyed in the warm and supportive company of fellow artists...a perfect combination, and emblematic of the entire Ucross experience."

Currently, nearly 100 artists and creative thinkers come to Ucross each year, up to ten at one time. From their feedback, we know that the intimate group dinners in the School House are an invaluable part of the Ucross residency experience. Poets sit next to painters, composers sit next to sculptors, dancers sit next to novelists. Lifelong friendships and sometimes even collaborations are formed over dinner – and, of course, the ever-present cookie jar.

The School House remains the heart and soul of our Ucross residency program. It is a key source of the Ucross magic that we hear so much about from all of our artists. As Ucross has grown to support 10 residents at one time, we've realized that the dining room and kitchen are now too small. The building receives heavy use year-round, and it has been nearly 20 years since it was last refurbished. After a careful review of all of our facilities, we concluded that our highest priority is renovating the School House. We plan to significantly enlarge the dining room, add a new, state-of- the-art kitchen, and expand the deck area, including the addition of a new screened-in porch.

Construction is scheduled to begin in May 2017 and will be completed in time for residents to return in August for the Fall Session. We know that many wonderful books, plays, art exhibitions, musical performances, dances and other artistic creations will be brought to the world through time spent at the Ucross School House – this year and for many years to come.

Ucross is classified as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit tax exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service and all contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

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